Something That Resides.

As I look outside my window payne,
The skies are clouded,
Streets filled with rain.

A feeling deep within me remains,
And I can’t let it go,
Because I don’t know it’s name.

It once was an anger that raged deep inside,
But the once wild flames,
Have started to die.

From the rivers of tears that fell from my eyes,
Lies a desert of sorrow,
Needing escape from the dry.

Written by Vi Dinh-Ea. 2014.


From where I am sitting,
there are mountains a plenty.
I’m in awe of its beauty,
Yet inside I’m so empty.

The sun’s almost setting,
into the sky of grey hue.
Picturesque and perfect,
Yet inside I’m so blue.

In the dark of the night,
To their homes birds are flying.
I see the stars come to life,
Yet inside I am dying.

How could I be surrounded
with such beauty and life,
Yet be drawn to the darkness
Straying far from the light.

Written By Vi Dinh-Ea, 2014.