Being Good To Me.

All my life I sat with an uncomfortable feeling within me. I could never tell what it was. Nothing and noone seemed to leave me content.

I thought noone had the ability to understand me.

I threw the word depressed around alot because it was the only explanation I could find for always being so miserable.

Continuously empty.

Constantly craving for a sense of belonging.

Yearning for someone to love me the same way that I could love them.

Waiting for that absolute acceptance. Notice me.

Please acknowledge me.

Let me know with sincerity that I am alright being completely me.

If you don’t, then who will? What then is my purpose in this life with no meaning.

I didn’t want to be alone, I hated loneliness. I would rather die than have to merely exist through life unnoticed.

I had no one to love but myself.

So love myself I did.

I acknowledged myself with the very truth that I was not perfect and probably never will be but I am alright with that.

Being me isn’t as uncomfortable anymore. I am no longer sitting around waiting for someone or some thing to come along and validate my existence.

I am gentle with myself and at peace within me, I belong to me and always have.

And that’s enough reason to live.

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