Writing on the right side of life.


“My name is Vi, I’m an addict and I’m gratefully clean today.”

Thank you for visiting my blog, Wrote To Recovery. After 10 years of active addiction I had reached my complete rock bottom. I was empty, broken and jaded. Along with that I had also become mentally unavailable, emotionally numb and spiritually bankrupt.

I desperately wanted to stop living in misery and madness but was completely stuck with no way out. The madness in my head suggested dying was my only option. Either commit suicide or use until I finally die of an overdose.

But the peace within me, my intuition, whispered, “Don’t do this, I promise you there really is a way out. The only end to this war is to stop fighting and let go. The answer to the way out has always been here. You just need to listen deep within you.”

It was that spiritual awakening that lead me to realise that I deserved more than the life I had chosen to live. That I no longer needed to self medicate and self harm. That living a life driven by resentment, guilt and the need to seek external validation was such an emotionally exhausting way to live.

I’m now learning to live a new way of life. A spiritual life. One that is filled with peace, serenity and little blessings.

Writing my way to the right side of life. Enjoy the journey.